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For Any information, Kindly contact-DWO Nalanda-09955086408   & SWO-08083188276
                                                                            Year's  2013-14 Scholarship
1. List of All Local college SC / ST Year 2013-2014
2. List of Local College SC / ST Technical student Year 2013-2014

3. List of SC / ST 2013-2014 Out of State

4. objection list for out of state 2013-2014
5. BC - I renewal list 2013-14
6. BC - II renewal list 2013-14

7. BC-I & BC-II renewal 2nd list 2013-14

                                                                                Year's  2014-15 Scholarship
1.BC & EBC Scholarship Sanction list in State 2014-2015
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