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Tender Kundalpur Mahotsav 2018

Tender for Biharsharif jail and Hilsa Sub-Jail

मुख्यमंत्री क्षेत्र विकाश योज्नान्त्रगत बेंच-डेस्क क्रय हेतु निविदा आमंत्रण

Tender for ''Rajgir Mahotsava 2017''

Short Term Tender for Event Manager-"Pawapuri Mahotsav-2017"

Tender of Disaster Management Section for flood 2017

RTPS Tender for gen set
Re-Tender Disaster Section Nalanda 05/2017
Re-Tender Disaster Section Nalanda  04/2017
Rahat Nivida 2017 Nalanda Disaster Section
Polythene Nivida 2017 Nalanda Disaster Section
Nav Nivida 2017 Nalanda Disaster Section
Tender for Kundalpur Mahotsav
Tender for Shooting range Kalyan Bigha (Harnaut)
Tender for Biharsharif and Hilsa Prison
Tender for Hanging panel Board in Nalanda Collectorate
Tender for IP CCTV Camera in DRCC
Tender for District Registration and Counselling Centre(DRCC)
District Revenue Section tender for Scanning of panji-2 and Survey Khatiyan.
District Planning Office Tender
Tender for Scanning and Printing work (Revenue section)
Tender for Stationary and tent
Tender for Management of Circuit House

Webcasting Services for Lok Sabha Election-2014

नगर विकास एवं आवास विभाग (संख्या- 03)

Ration Card Tender

RTPS Tender for Cartridge Supply

Tender of EOI

Tender notice for M.D.M SAMVEDAK recruitment

Mid Day Meal tender for samvedak selection

Disaster Management tender

Disaster Management Tender

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