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                  Nagar Nigam                              Zila Parishad
1.Selected List  +2 Comp. Sc. Teacher 1.Seat Vacant in School
2.Notice for councelling 2.Notice for councelling
3.Final List +2 Comp. Sc. 3.Final List +2 Comp. Sc.
4.Seat Vacant in  School 4.Roster Wise Selected Applications of +2
1. Date and Place of Bi-cycle and Poshak vitran
2. Final Merit List of Teacher (Zila Parishad)
3. Final Merit List of Teacher (Nagar Nigam)
4. Vacancy (High School & +2 School)
5. Roster (High School & +2 School)


6. Notice (Nagar Nigam)
7. Nagar Nigam Vacancy
8. Nagar Nigam Merit List
9. Nagar Nigam Selection List


1.Nagar Parishad Hilsha Merit List(High School)
2.Nagar Parishad Hilsha Selection List(High School)
3.Nagar Parishad Hilsa Vacancy(High  School)
4.Notics Nagar Parishad Hilsa(High school)


1. Notice
2. Zila Parishad Social Science
3. Zila Parishad English
4. Zila Parishad Hindi
5. Zila Parishad Math
6. Zila Parishad Physical Tecaher
7. Zila Parishad Sanskrit
8. Zila Parishad Science
9. Zila Parishad Urdu


+2 Teacher Niyojan vacancy

Rajgir Teacher Niyojan

1. General Trained (Basic Grade) (Untrained Basic grade)
2. Social Science (Trained) (Untrained)
3. Maths and Science (Untrained) (Trained)


Gram Panchayat Raj Nahub (BCF)
Gram Panchayat Raj Nahub (UR)
Gram Panchayat Raj Nahub (URF)


Grram Panchayat Goraur (EBC)
Gram Panchayat Goraur (UR!st),(UR2nd)(UR 3rd)
Gram Panchayat Goraur (SC)


Grram Panchayat  Pathraura (SC)
Grram Panchayat  Pathraura (EBC)
Grram Panchayat  Pathraura (UR)


Grram Panchayat  Pilkhi


Grram Panchayat Barnausa (UR1) (UR2)  (UR3)
Grram Panchayat  Barnausa(EBC1) (EBC2)


Grram Panchayat Lodipur (UR1)  (UR2)
Grram Panchayat Lodipur (SC)  (EBC)


Grram Panchayat Naipokhar (UR1) (UR2) (UR3)
Grram Panchayat Naipokhar (SC1)   (EBC)
                                                        2015-17 Addmission Merit list of DIET Noorsarai Nalanda
1.Notice of DIET
2.Merit list of DIET for Addmission 2015-17
3.First year merit list for addmission of D.L.Education Course of 2015-17
4.Counselling for D.L.AD Session 2015-17 DIET Noorsarai
5.Counselling for TET passed student Session 2015-17 DIET Noorsarai
6.New Counselling for TET passed student Session 2015-17 DIET Noorsarai

7.Notification of Counselling for TET Session 2015-17 DIET Noorsarai